Official Client

This client provides a better gaming experience with improved hardware acceleration.


  • Unlimited FPS
  • No advertising
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Play in full screen or windowed screen
  • Maintained by
  • Always up-to-date
  • Scripting support (Windows only for now)
  • Modding support (Windows only for now)

Coming Soon

  • Linux client
Download Windows Client Download Mac Client

Warning about third party clients

Using third party clients is against the Venge TOS. This is the only official client of Venge.

Third party clients/downloads not approved by Venge, are unsafe. Unauthorized third party clients/downloads can be used for malicious intent; to manipulate computer files, inject malware, key loggers, log IPs, etc.

In order to ensure safety within the Venge community, we will be closely monitoring and enforcing the TOS. Using third party clients, promoting them, or participating in communities dedicated to them can result in; account termination and other actions as specified in the TOS.